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Any suppliers selling oem bolts at ex-works price?

Jiaxing Goshen Hardware Co., Ltd. is a globally advanced producer in the field of custom bolt. The self tapping screw series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. This product is rust-resistant. Its materials such as steel, aluminum, fiber-reinforced polymer, etc. or a combination of all endow it with these physical properties. It is granted with certifications such as RoHS. Being trusted by long-term partners, Goshen is encouraged to produce higher-quality wood screw. It is resistant to nitric acid, sulphur, and many organic and food acids.

Currently, we are committed to getting more customers. Under this, we change the way we get along with our customers. We improve customer engagement, reassess our service solution, and developing products more targeted. In this way, we are confident to get big-name customers.
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