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BMW's Valvetronic Electronic Valve Technology

by:Goshen     2020-07-11
BMW's Valvetronic system as traditional with gas phase institutions increased on a stick of eccentric shaft, a stepping motor along with the middle push rod should parts, the system adopts the stepping motor rotation, again in a series of mechanical transmission is very clever after changed in the size of the valve lift. As the camshaft operation, CAM will drive push rod and rocker to among the valve of opening and shutting. When the motor, worm and worm wheel mechanism will first drive partiality axis rotation happen, then the middle push rod and rocker will produce the linkage, eccentric shaft rotation Angle of different, finally the camshaft through the guts push rod and rocker top should become angry contrary to the lift door will be different. All of the motor drive, the valves can realize the lift from 0.18 mm to 9.9 mm of stepless change. BMW's Valvetronic technology has covered the banner of engines, including current releasing the turbocharged PC. Fractional laser treatments can make you can for driver intention to make the far more rapid feedback, and at the same time through engine management system for precise control of the valve lift, realized the vehicle inside of the working conditions as well as the best dynamic matching the load. BMW, the technology is already very mature, and through the continuous optimization, Valvetronic technology also broke through the speed limit, can be used in the M-power V8 double turbocharged engine. How to make sure that in choosing the right time make valve lift in proper way position is the technology of the biggest difficulty, but $ 30 did to engine for more accurate and detailed regulation management. The Philippines's VVEL system, working principles and BMW's Valvetronic similar, but near the structure is slightly different. VVEL systems use a group of the screw thread and screw combination realized the valve lift continuous unpredictable. In the system work, motor through the ecu signal control screw and the relative position of the screw thread, screw the rocker, control of drive component such as rod, and, eventually, to change item of the valve lift. Through the control of rocker eccentric stem, and control rod can be in driving motor rotate certain Angle. Once the engine at high speed or load, motor drive screw rotation, set in the screw of the screw thread in addition be have the corresponding lateral movement, and the screw thread of joint structure makes control stem counterclockwise or clockwise rotation happened. Because within the control rod rocker in eccentric, therefore the rotation center rocker will then rise or fall, despite the fact that to achieve the intention of of change valve lift. Although the whole organization look more complex, friction pair is relatively more, but because the device of rocker, control rod and the screw thread is rigid connection, no spring return of mechanism so that the VVEL system even in high speed engine situation also will never consider the problem of inertia. The Philippines's belonging to the technology, principle and BMW's Valvetronic s incredibly much the same, also is the realization of the power of the engine output make more in depth planning regulation, but this technology is actually just used in its high-end models of Nissan. Multiair the greatest characteristic is groundbreaking used electric hydraulic control system to drive the valve timing and lift, even though the engine for each cylinder 4 framework of the valve, but cancelled the intake valve side camshaft, exhaust the camshaft through hydraulic institutions side to operate a vehicle into the device.
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