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Comparison And Difference Between Parallel And

by:Goshen     2020-07-08
Single screw plastic extruder, as a kind of common extruder equipment, can be in plastics processing area. Because it has simple design and structure and minimized price, it is widely used, such as SE series single screw extruder. But it has its limitations and advantages used. Single screw plastic extruder and parallel twin screw extruder are different. Simply speaking, the first is through one screw, the other is with two. But both are driven by motors. The power varies because of the quantity of screws. They are for the different areas and situations to meet different requirements. Now let's do some research about the comparisons of two kinds of machines. In theory the single one is advanced than the parallel twin type extruder; because it is balanced by the radial force, but parallel twin type balance the rotor's radial force along with the SKF bearing. The gear and rotor of single type usually made at home, so the garbage and processing technology and its manufacturing accuracy cannot be ensured as advanced as theory. SE plastic extruder compresses air with one single screw and two star wheels, and the threes direct along with each other, thus leading to critical fiction between the star wheel and rotor. There end up being great inner leaking in big head, and the involving displacement is reduced. While the parallel twin screw extruder meshes by the female and male rotor. The oil film exists between two rotors without direct contact, therefore the friction is small, and displacement doesn't change with time. The speed of SE series on main motor is 2,970 r/min, as well as the minimum is 1480 r/min. While the parallel twin screws extruder has energy-saving motor with the velocity of1460 r/min. Better the speed is, the greater the wear and tear is. So you'll do it . screw motors tear and wear seriously, operating costs increases. The material of star wheel in se series are resin while the star wheel and screw are meshing and running, is actually always easy to wear and tear, and also the resin bits will drop in the oil in main engine and quick to lead to high temperature in air compressor and breakdown.
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