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GOSHEN has developed two kinds new products!!!

GOSHEN has developed two kinds new products!!!


Customized SS304 square nuts and Non-standard stainless steel 430 stamping.As following Drawings.

Square Washer is used to protect the surface of the connected piece from the scratch which made by nuts or bolts, and distribute the pressure of nuts and bolts. It is widely used with nuts and bolts.

Stamping part is used to settle and connect something. Our new stamping product is suitable for M2.5 bolts or screws.

The difference between SS304 and SS430

The main difference is the composition Ni and Cr. The more Ni and Cr are contained, the better resistance to corrosion is. The resistance to corrosion of SS304 is better than SS430.

Under the coronavirus situation, Goshen didnt slow down! Instead, Goshen keeps on going. Do our best to service all customers who need back up. And Goshen elite Kevin is working on developing new products for potential customer. It fully shows our determinations of servicing customers.

Goshen has always implemented the concept of customer value and customized products as customer required. Continuously providing solutions for clients technical difficulties. Goshen keeps doing further exploration and innovation, and so desperate to be the best.

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