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How to Tune A Nitro RC Engine

by:Goshen     2020-06-24
Properly tuning a nitro RC engine can be the difference between an awesome time racing in addition frustrating day. Each engine is exclusive so always follow the manufactures recommendations. For first engines be restricted by follow the manufacture's instructions for breaking it in before opening it substantially full throttle. The main adjustments are to the carburetor. There are three adjustments to pay attention to: the Idol Screw, the High-speed Needle (HSN) and also the Low Speed Needle (LSN). This could be the three-screw tuning endeavor. Idol Screw This screw adjusts the gap a carburetor controlling the fuel/air mixture. This screw should be set so that, when idling, the engine is barely running without stalling. Adjusting too high as well as the wheels may spin without using the throttle. To adjust, turn the screw clockwise to open the screw and increase the idol. Turn counter clockwise to close it and lower the idol speed. An individual tune the needles you will in order to readjust this screw to reach optimal idol. HSN The HSN controls the throttle from partial throttle to Wide Open Throttle (WOT). Always tune this first. It adjusts the fuel/air mixture in you can. If your engine is blowing too much blue smoke your engine is running to rich. Adjust the HSN clockwise to lean the system. Turn the needle in 1/16 increments and make a screening test run. With each pass lean you can until the smoke, at high speeds, does not reduce further. Note that at low throttle your engine is still running rich. LSN The LSN controls the throttle from idol to partial throttle. The ideal setting is when no smoke is coming out at idol and acceleration is quick and moment. Make a few high speed runs and then idol for 10 to twenty seconds. If smoke is coming out when idling or bogs down when accelerating the LSN is too rich so turn it 1/16 counter clockwise. Repeat the high speed broadband pass noting the smoke and velocity. Idol again and repeat the adjustment until you are satisfied with the engine's performance. Note the LSN particularly sensitive and ought to not need to be adjusted as up to the HSN. Note on Temperature tuning. Using a temp gauge or gun to measure engine temp is primarily to determine in the event the engine is getting hot. There is no set temp that applies to all engines but, generally, if the engine is running over 300 degrees Fahrenheit, you are at risk of over heating. Keep in mind the engine will run hotter on the really hot day than when the temp is cooler outside. Follow the three-screw process above each time you run the vehicle to get greatest performance out of your nitro RC automobile.
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