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How you can Install An Electrical Outlet For a Dryer

by:Goshen     2020-06-26
You may thing until this is a bigger job than that of installing a light switch but rest assured! Where there is a will, there's a possibility! WHAT YOU WILL NEED: 220 Volt Outlet Electrical line tester Electrical dryer outlet kit Screwdriver Wire cutters Wire strippers Pliers Utility knife STEP 1: To get started, look at the voltage on your media outlet. Make sure that it is a 220 volt outlet. It's not very important that the opening you install matches the plug configuration of your dryer. Next, you need to have to find the wiring that is to be used to get in touch the dryer outlet. Assure THE POWER IS Turned off. You can check this line at the circuit breaker. Using the electrical line tester recommended, this carefully and touch one probe to the black wire of the line and the other to your red wire. If any lights come on, the capacity is still on. Positive you that the POWER IS OFF. When no lights come on, you are ready to connect the outlet. STEP 2: If have to the need, you can reduce back about 3 inches of the outer sheathing on the cable, with the utility . Basically, you require to cut to disclose the four wires to touch base to the outlet. The colours of the wires are as follows: black (hot), red (hot), white (neutral), bare/green (ground). Do not cut too deeply in the sheathing a person might damage the wires inside. Peel the sheathing back and cut it off. STEP 3: Use the wire strippers to remove about 1 inch of insulation from each of the four wires. In case the ground wire has no insulation, you'll be able to will not want to strip it. STEP 4: Next, anyone could have to run the wire through the hole in the outlet plate. Mattress line and mount the plate on the wall while using screws in kit. All dryer outlets are going to have incredibly own electrical plate so you can do not ought install a box for the wiring. STEP 5: You're almost done! Now that you have the outlet mounted to the wall, you'll want to to attach the as well as white red wires to the gold- or brass-colored screws (using the included screw and screwdriver). Attach the white (neutral) wire towards silver screw and the green/bare wire to saving money screw for that ground string. Tighten each screw to a snug fit. Then, install duvet cover plate the actual years outlet, using the same screws and screwdriver. STEP 6: Turn capability back on at comprise circuit buster. Using the voltage line tester, you should insert one probe into the outlet the location where black wire is connected and the opposite probe how the red wire is affixed. The light will now light up and reveal that power is flowing to the outlet. Plug the dryer cord into the outlet. You're done! Now get your clothes the actual dryer!
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