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Maple Story First Job Training Recommendations

by:Goshen     2020-06-18
The Tree that Grew 1,2 or 3 (no. 3 has green organic mushrooms. For all you low level magicians, WATCH OUT, 80+ damage), The place that people call the Slime Tree(The Tree Dungeon South of Ellinia 1) and Henesys hunting ground (all) However, as you even now pretty low leveled, it could be wiser to stay close to Ellinia until at least level 10. Henesys Party Quest makes option (if you will get there!). After you reach level 20 or so, Perion (which is ironically the Warrior's town) is really a relatively good place to train, since the monsters, which made for professionals stumps and their variants, have low magical defense and slow, good for magicians. The Kerning Party Quest is in addition a popular way to level, although it is to be around level 24+ to buy a higher chance to become selected for this PQ. Level 8-13Slimes and stumps at the map south of Ellinia will work wonders with your exp. Slime Tree is a great option because for the spawn rate within the monsters. You needs Energy Bolt handy in case a mob comes simply. Never go to the tops of some of the maps or make use of the portals there, as higher level monsters will quickly kill you. Alternatives range from the Henesys Hunting Ground and the Thicket Around the Beach II where could safely attack enemies with Energy Bolt. You may want to consider in order to Amoria, as the first map with monsters on it has orange mushrooms. Level 14-20 At level 13 with Improving Max MP Increase maxed and new armor and weapon choices, the octopi at Kerning can be contributed to the hunting set. If you stay on the ramp and use magic claw, then its magic defense won't really matter. At level 20, with Magic Claw (MAX), one can handle green mushrooms, horny mushrooms, and maybe even dark axe stumps effectively. You can mushroom forest in Zipangu and go crazy on the mushrooms there. Pig beach is also a prosperous area to quest. When nearing level 20 (with Magic Claw nearly maxed or maxed), Fireboars in the Burning Zone can be effectively dealt with when using a ledge in the Burning Zone 2. Fireboars give 120 EXP, but give only 60 after you take even a little bit too long to kill it. You should definitely have plenty of MP and HP potions, because Fireboars do 80 damage, which you should be able to avoid when using the ledge properly. The MP potions are required because it takes more than 100 MP to kill a fireboar with 5 in Max MP Recovery. Level 21-30 At level 21, Kerning Party Quest is available. Since first jobs all have minimal damage until just before second job, you ought to have equal chances of having invited. If you obtain bored of earlier Accompaniment, you can try the Ariant Colosseum, available in versions with Ariant (available in KoreaMS, JapanMS, ChinaMS, TaiwanMS, ThailandMS, MapleSEA, GlobalMS). You can still train on green and horny mushrooms, or you goes and destroy junior. Sentinels in Orbis Tower (b utilizing the off-land sniping spots you can avoid their reach). There great money and good experience if you start at a level. In GMS, you can pay a visit to Ariant and hunt the nearby cactus, as each of them give 47 EXP! At level 27, hunting kill green trixters is a great way to plug spending leaks on pots, as you'll take damage from these vertically moving milestones. From level 28 to 30, go crazy on teddies (normal) in Ludibrium Tower or flower fishes in Aqua Correct road. Remember that there is Mini Dungeon: Cave Where Mushrooms Grow (or Ant Cave 1, if your MS version doesn't possess the Minidungeons and also want to hunt horny or undead mushrooms) where many hunt safely via the side platforms. Training Methods When training you use one of two methods: Meso Training or EXP Training. Meso training is when you kill only one shot monsters for the more exp then an individual were to double it and compare it with a monster that takes 2 shots. For example, a horned mushroom gives you 35 EXP plus Zombie Mushroom an individual roughly 42 EXP. It usually requires low level magician to kill it in 2 shots. But if you would kill 2 horned mushrooms then it 70 EXP. Thus, giving you more exp for less magic points but it taking a bit longer to gain levels. It's also called meso training anyone save mesos your market long-run so it is a good way for saving up. The other one is rather of a rushing method. It's very simple. You just train on any 1, sometimes 2 shot monsters killing as many if you can at a specific time ignoring your magic points. It is an useful way for leveling quickly.
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