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Maplestory Magician Tips

by:Goshen     2020-06-18
Many magicians depend on luck to don equipment and improve their accuracy, but luck also decreases the amount of experience lost per death (minimum 5% experience lost upon death when luck is above 75, maximum 10% exp loss when luck is below 10. In numerous versions, the requirement is lower, 4 luck means 10% exp loss, 10 luck will grant little leaguer 5% exp loss). However, adding luck reduces the sheer number of points you can put into intelligence, which improves your attack (intelligence increases the damage output of spells, as each attack is relying off of a regarding INT and your wand's magic attack. However, internet promotion other classes, magicians be reliant upon magic accuracy to hit monsters. Magicians are also able to apply certain of the status effects magical based monsters use, pertaining to instance seal, slow, poison, dispel and freeze them. Priest gain unbelievable party support skills, like heal, bless, holy symbol, dispel and holy shield, or a GM skill called resurrection (which is really self-explanatory itself).
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