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by:Goshen     2020-06-06
The impact crusher is an essential equipment for a stone crushing production line, and the blow bar is the main wear parts for an impact crusher. Also the the material, shape and installing the impact blow bar have a directly affect crusher equipment. First, the the material of the blow barbell. The blow bar should possess a high strength, good wear resistance and other ingredients. According to the different crusher models, specifications and the nature of broken materials, the blow bar material forged carbon steel, manganese steel, alloy, can also be dual-metal composite material blow bar. DSMAC impact crusher blow bar is cast by the DSMAC a problem latest R & D of new wear-resistant materials, which joined the precious rare earth elements create the blow bar service life and toughness raised, so that the back-breaking the board hammer hardness and toughness than ordinary plate hammer to 9.5 percentage points, the service life is more than 2.5 times higher than the average board hammer. Second, the shape of the blow bar is closely related to its fastening methods and work fill up. The blow bar shape ought to designed to meet a reliable, easy loading and unloading work, and enhance the metal utilization requirements. Also the length of the crusher blow bar and the crusher hammerhead and the crusher rotor body is basically the same, the form of a long strip-shaped ax-shaped, trapezoidal, a variety of shapes. Third, the installing of the impact blow bar. The install fastening method of blow bar have bolt embedded fastening, wedge fastening and a lot more. The bolt fastening way is the blow bar with the bolt in the plate of the rotor body hammer fit. Embedded fastening method may be the crusher blow bar from the side of the rotor body axial inserted into the corresponding slot of the rotor, in order to prevent axial movement of the rotor body, both sides of the plate positioning and easy loading and unloading of the way, make easy. Fastening method of the wedge is tightened, so that the wedge-shaped iron is inserted into the related slot in the board hammer as well as the rotor body and wedge fastening technique are more reliable, much more loading and unloading. Is there any question about the blow bar, crusher spare parts, please feel free to call us. About DSMAC DSMAC is often a leading manufacturer of crushing equipment and wear-resistant materials in China based online shop. It mainly makes a specialty of producing crushing, feeding and screening equipment, including stone crusher, mobile crusher, vibrating feeder and screen, sandstone aggregate production line and crusher locations. More a look at DSMAC exists at DSMAC Group Lerry Liu, Chief Marketin Officers Phone: +86-371-6789-7681 E-mail: Skype: dsmac1997 MSN:
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