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Most popular Olympic Sprinters And These comfortable

by:Goshen     2020-06-16
Like always, this year too we're having high hopes for the London Olympics, with over 10,000 athletes from around the world coming close on the actual same platform and competing on for that coveted gold medal. From the 26 sporting events in this year's summer Olympics, racing events get the most opinion. We all have a list of our favorite sprinters whom we'll watch out for 12 months and it's always good to know more about them, especially the regarding shoes they wear that offers them wings at requirements of 'Go'. Here is really a list of some belonging to the most favored sprinters on the world and the brand of shoes that they actually wear. Usain Bolt: Any discussion about sprinting won't be complete without naming Usain Bolt. This 25 year old Jamaican is five time world and three times Olympic gold medalist a step above being the current world and Olympic record holder in 100 meters and 200 meters racing events. Usain Bolt wears a lightweight pair of 'Golden Spikes' carved perfectly especially for him by sportswear brand Puma. To celebrate Bolt's success Puma went on to produce an an entire number of sportswear under title 'The Bolt Collection'. Yohan Blake: Another Jamaican to watch for in this particular year's Summer Olympics is Yohan Blake. Currently exciting world of champion and the fourth fastest man ever, Blake wears custom racing shoes designed by world famous brand Adidas. Tyson Gay: This 29-year-old American sprint athlete has lots of medals in leading international competitions under his belt. This American record holder in 100 meter sprint hails from Kentucky and is one among the American favorites in this year's Olympic events too. Tyson, just like Yohan Blake, wears custom designed shoes by Adidas. Yohan also launched Adidas adiZero Prime, which are the lightest commercial sprint spikes available. Aries Merritt Aries Merritt specializes in 110 meters hurdles and its currently the usa National Indoor champion in the 60 meter hurdle nationality. With couple of international gold medals under his belt, the entire USA tend to be keeping an enthusiastic eye on his performance during this Olympic season. To keep things lightweight and comfortable for him, Reebok been recently sponsoring this athlete and possesses provided Merritt with purposely designed Reebok pumps. Mohammed Farah Better in order to as Mo Farah, this Somali-born English athlete is currently the 5000 meter world safe bet. The 29 year old, who races with a british flag adorning his jersey, was also voted this year's European athlete of the age. This famous British athlete runs in a specially designed set of Nike Zoom Streak and his favorite spike shoes would be the Nike Zoom Victory.
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