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Property to Avoid Shaking of Jaw Crusher

by:Goshen     2020-06-04
Crusher spare parts involves variety of structural forms, the principle is the same, namely, by moving jaw to break the cyclical movement of materials in the movable jaw hanging around the center axis of the fixed jaw during the swing, is located between 2 jaw materials will be crushed, split and bending combination effect. Initially, less stressful, so reducing large the material, the material close to each other, squeeze tight; when for most rises above the material's strength can bear, that place broken the contrary, when the movable jaw to leave the fixed jaw swing in the contrary direction, the downward movement of the material is actually by weight. movable jaw every and every cyclical movement of materials by a crushing effect, get some distance an additional row. After several cycles, the material begins for you to become broken from the machine outside the nesting adult population. With the motor continuously rotating and mobile jaw crusher for crushing and waste material movement cycle, to achieve mass making. The workers applying jaw crusher know that after jaw crusher is useful for some time, jaw crusher will have the shaking phenomenon. This action makes workers stop their try to check out shaking reason, so that they can repair the machine and restore production. In fact, as long as they pay more attention device at ordinary times, they're able to completely avoid this dilemma. First, we should pay more attention screws fixing jaw crusher whether one more loose or rupture experience. Jaw crusher needs to rely on the screws to be fixed on the. If the screw is coming loose or rupture, one side of the machine may occur firstly slight shaking. When we don't tighten the loose screw or replace the screw of fracture in time, it will make the rest of the screw move easily or rupture, and then shaking phenomenon is more serious, even can damage the machine. The second, we should check fixed foundation whether there is loose phenomenon. As is known to all, building houses needs to lay the good base. If the foundation is instable, it will collapse. Jaw crusher is the same, it needs to rely on the solid foundation, so that rue . shake. If the foundations of the jaw crusher is unstable or happen loose in the associated with long-term use, they both will affect the jaw crusher's stability. So should play a good first step toward jaw crusher, and check whether the foundation is loosen in the later use process once in months. if so, we should timely reinforce. The third, if the flywheel has deviation by the slot position in use process of jaw crusher, it will make the device unbalance. So that the machine happen shaking phenomenon. The difference between a common shaking table bed shaking table and our shaking tables are: increased bed area stripes; narrower bed smooth area; stripes having a certain angle of climb; the bed itself, strategy longitudinal change; Article bed cross-sectional area shape and material aspects of swap. The corresponding technical parameters of operation have some changes. In principle, the article is selected according to different sorting of different technical parameters. mobile jaw crusher: jaw crusher:
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