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Sue Bolt: Tile Artist

by:Goshen     2020-06-10
It's already clear that adding tile is wonderful update and brighten any surfacebut what about taking it one step deeper? What could be more unique than one-of-a-kind, hand-painted tiles featuring any number of beautiful scenes? Sue Bolt has got that market cornered, as she creates celestial and fantastical tiles for any purpose. She is a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art, where she'd a double major in painting and sculpture. My wife run her own studio, Bolt Studio, in Charlevoix, Michigan since 1974. Her work has been featured in a number of galleries and museums close to her Michigan home. She also taught art classes for 21 years at schools in the Detroit area, including Wayne State university and Oak Park College. Her husband Russ is also a tile artist, and he and his wife collaborate on numerous projects. He too is really a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art, and she has a degree in Ceramics. Among her favorite subjects are women and children. She collaborates with her husband to do enormous installations in homes, kitchens and bathrooms featuring both in the art. Russ paints historical scenes of sailing and fishermen on tile, images that would are amazing in any commode. Together, they have installed original works of art on backsplashes, bathroom walls, fireplace surrounds and murals in various features of the home. Trust us, this is one great way to request a bathroom or kitchen design that really will not be duplicated! It was Russ who designed and painted one along with most popular series of tiles, the month tiles. His light and cheerful designs depict each month as having its own personality. He has completely redesigned the months twice, all in blue and white. These tiles would be wonderful in any kitchen, particularly in a place with blue and white accents. These completely one-of-a-kind producing to order, like most of the Bolt's artwork. While they sell all of their artwork online and in their studio, the Bolts are also willing do make custom, commissioned improve any home. Going to fabulous in a redesigned kitchen! Just explain to them what you desire on their online form and they will get back for with what is possible and how they would implement the package. Before you know it, you will be the envy of your entire neighbors. The whimsical and cheerful addition among these colorful and beautiful tiles would be a great accent for kitchen, whether not really you decide to find an installment made. It is usually advisable to engage a professional tile installer for these tiles, as they do not come in lots of hundreds! Before you're making any decisions, you could tell the Bolts about your plansthey are very accommodating and will definitely have some guidance on what will perform the best for your visual acuity!
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