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The advantages of Screw Ntn Bearings

by:Goshen     2020-06-09
1, screw ntn bearing outer ring can be reused many times, making the event as due towards damage coming from the impact of temperature and bending to its re-processing possible. In this case, bearing also be required to be changed. Bearing is adjusted with diameter measurements 1 mm increase a number for the manner about. 2, screw ntn bearing durability and consequently they are subject to dirt, iron filings, water, and drop the iron and the organization of acidic water has little influence. Thin coil parts for the rolling large diameter larger space created. These parts can be stolen by rolling and pressure foreign substances towards the spiral coil within the space. This will retain the bearing the surface of a rotating movement support keep clean. 3, spiral spring steel has good flexibility, consequently is to be able to install, inner ring together with help of two hook-shaped wrench mounted in any position, the interior ring to tighten the internal tension for the shaft. Elastic material processing tolerances h9 or h1l the inner ring is usually easy accomplish. That used in the inner ring on great value cost of processing could be omitted. Lubrication gas and oil before, generally if the high-speed rotation will produce wind screen (AirCurtain). Incredibly not only make it problematical to enter ntn bearing lubricant inside, leading to lack of lubrication, but additionally invented a wind manufactured. To solve these problems, SpinshotII used parts by means of bearing towards the bearing inside diameter tilt lubricant supply means. Therefore, oil are unable to hinder the wind screen and smooth access to the internal bearings. New product on the nozzle structure was improved by the circumference trench to reduce the pressure to set lower He invented the wind. Noise than the previous way of reducing oil lubrication 3dB (A). For the reason that gas flow is relatively small can supply oil towards the bearings inside, so gas consumption will be 10NL / min, reduced to earlier 1 / 2 . Retainer using PEEK (polyether ether ketone, Polyetheretherketone), outer and inner ring made by the Japanese Seiko bearing materials 'SHX materials.' SHX material is added because of carbon steel your market silicon (Si), manganese (Mn) and molybdenum (Mo) in low-alloy steel for roughing, passed from a high temperature to carbon and nitrogen also penetrated the the surface of the treatment increased the surface hardness, and surface precipitation of fine Si-Mn-N nitride formed. High strength, toughness and handle sintering.
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