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The Announcements During Producing of Plastic Extruder

by:Goshen     2020-06-08
Plastic extruder is a sort of plastic machine can easily be divide into continuous extruder and discontinuous extruder. Through the run of plastic extruder, you should pay care about many things. The preparation work before drive of plastic extruder: 1.The plastic which would prefer to the extruder processing must meet vehicle of dry, if it's very necessary, the insulation material should process drying one more time. 2.When start the operation equipment, the speed should from slow to fast, to check up whether or not the operation is normal and do observe the important condition. 3.Open the heater and do heat the head and body of machine to rise their temperature to attain the set required value. In addition to the temperature of parts of plastic extruder should keep warm roughly 40 minutes, to cause the temperature inside and outside be compliance. 4.What's more, sometimes, need to know replace perforated plate, strainer and add abundant lubricating oil. The perforated plate can supply only it is clean systematically. The announcement when operation of plastic extruder 1.Before the plastic is extruded, anyone should not stand the dead previously exit. 2.Operate handy with low speed. Operate the machine with no material figure out whether there is problem of screw and instrument of electrical machine and electric current, whether or not the pressure gage is normal. The idling duration of machine should as short as easy to prevent the grind of screw and screw, scratch between screw and charging barrel. 3.Add the material gradually and step by step. As soon as the plastic is extruded along with the run speed of screw achieve typical run speed, you could add material with large amount. 4.After the plastic is extruded, you should guide the extrudate to cool down equipment and drag equipment which have opened before. Tips: do not operate cold machine. Because at that time, plastic extruder is not warm enough, if you operate it, the screw of plastic extruder, specially the old plastic extruder is able to twist there are numerous screw. There is an effective method, before operation, heat the machine to having temperature, then turn the coupling spend the hand. In the event the turning is smoothly, may can start the machinery. Stop the plastic extruder 1.Stop adding material. Do squeeze out the plastic in plastic extruder, and then close power of charging barrel and machine for next consuming. 2.At time close the power of main machine, you also should close the power of auxiliary machine.
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