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The basic Maintenance Knowledge of Impact Crusher

by:Goshen     2020-06-08
Impact Crusher, is ideally suitable as secondary crusher for material, can crush many kinds of materials with max feed size as compared to 500mm and crushing strength less than 360 MP. European Type Impact Crusher is our latest generation of product with the international advanced-level quality, as well as designed and produced based on Hxjq Heavy Industry absorbing the latest technology of impact crusher in the business. It is widely used to crush pebble, granite, pebbles, limestone, iron ore, rocks, and calcite. Jaw crusher is also widespread in many countries, such as in European, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, South Africa, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Australia, Korea, and Ukraine and so on. But many Impact crusher for sale, the best way to buy impact crusher? The sand production line, the impact crusher could be the third working procedure, after mandibles crusher broken, any material to counterattack crusher, once again after separating into customer 20 to 60 mm particles. Effect breaker is really an use of impact energy to stave machinery. In order that that the impact breaker, better in the sand being produced line of continued operation, continue there is no real life of the impact breaker, users in order to be to counterattack crusher frequently maintain and maintenance. Within the new investment after the operation, the shift to counter end up being broken for your full test. After a week at the run counter the motor lubrication, even a full inspection. The content of the examination including fixed parts of the situation, tighten belt transmission, bearing seal, deal with the problem foils, of lining board of the damage put a check mark of all maintenance cycle, and along with a regular maintenance and replacement solution. The impact breaker rotor and counterattack of lining board with the nip-gap adjustment: when effect breaker inside of operation in the rotor, rotor and counterattack lining board between clearance can stop being adjusted. Pertaining to instance material into pieces stranded in counterattack plate and shell, recommend that in between adjustments to back up a little bit gap between frame, so the feeding into pieces grow to be loose, counterattack frame easy adjustment. If counterattack frame, can unwind enough previously bars on pat (with a board protection), and fight the rotor of lining board of the clearance for this machine by adjusting device to complete, first set, and then loosening bolts in turn long nut, at this will be up in bars direction, to accommodates tighten the screw sets. To a service-oriented brand integrity,As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery ,like flotation cell, Henan Hongxing is unquestionably doing the best in services and impact crusher: The impact breaker replacement parts: impact breaker replacement parts, directory submission open gained the ledge. When using, first will put to the shelf inside of the box the new connecting bolt, and then unloaded with wrench to flip device parts, and hex head slowly open rack. At the same time, can use at the top the frame hang a system for ransom. Plate hammer shape and fixing method are vital in repairing process, besides convenient dismounting, plate hammer shape also should improve use rate belonging to the metal. Plate hammer quality should be accurate for whose error should be limited within 0.5kg, for you to ensure the smooth running in the machine revolves. In addition, the rotor cannot rotate 1 / 10 of the circumference at any state in rotor static balance fiddle.
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