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The Bolt Bounce Effect Sees More Travellers From

by:Goshen     2020-06-08
According to Jamaica's Tourism and Entertainment Minister, Dr Wykeham McNeill, the island is benefiting greatly from an increased influx of holidaymakers arriving from the UK thanks to the effect of the 'Bolt Bounce' which has boosted degrees of British visitors arriving to the Caribbean nation for leisure holidays inspired by massive legend. The 'Bolt Bounce' term comes for the massive impact how the image of the world champion Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt, has on Jamaica's tourism industry, as legendary sports legends represents the nation out world and effectively promotes Jamaica holidays for tourists wishing to learn more about his birthplace and also the many wonders and natural landscapes that await the traveller in Jamaica. After this year's London Olympics 2012, McNeill noted that the exposure that the Jamaica brand received as a response to Bolt's winning races had a positive impact on the nation's tourism and to be able to further entice UK travellers, the Jamaica Tourist Board kick-started an online advertising for the UK market in a joint partnership with the famous Jamaican Olympic champion. During a speech at the annual general meeting with the Association of Jamaica Attractions on Saturday, McNeill announced how the news coming out of London is that bookings for holidays to Jamaica are growing rapidly. He went in order to add that while tourist arrivals from the U.S. holiday market might temporarily be affected by the upcoming presidential elections, Jamaica holidays have never been more in fashion for the UK market, with an increase in UK holidaymakers already noticeable, which is needed soften the impact of less Americans heading to Jamaica on holiday during this autumn season. McNeill continued by praising the results of large UK travel agencies in boosting the sales of holidays to Jamaica. He added that TUI reported an impressive quantity of bookings for Jamaica holidays while other travel agents also followed the market trend. 'Virgin Holidays say bookings for Jamaica is now trading up 8 percent, although it was previously pacing at 7 percent down,' he noted. 'Similarly, we are hearing that Thomas Cook (travel agency) is sold out for Summer 2012; and that Summer 2013 has gone from trading behind 18 percent to pacing 45 percent ahead in because it covers four weeks,' McNeill concluded. These important achievements are defiant of the recent increase in APD tax imposed by the UK government, which McNeill described as 'good news' seeing anytime Jamaica's government requiring you to implement a new tax to counteract the effects of this increasing APD, bookings for holidays in Jamaica would normally drop off short period, however in this case they are bosted by the Bolt Bounce. McNeill also recognised the efforts in the recent Jamaica House activities in London to further promote the destination. He added that Virgin Atlantic has agreed to provide new year-round flights to Jamaica, which will provide some 25,000 new seats resulting in a larger number of visitors to the area. This new flight deal is quite a bit more than this 17,000 seats that have being sought, replicated by hand London games and Jamaica House discussions.
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