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The pros and cons of The Planet Eclipse Geo 2.1

by:Goshen     2020-06-06
When it comes to purchasing paintball markers, there are a variety of options available today. Two popular models among paintball aficionados include the Ego 11 and the Planet Eclipse Geo 2.1 paintball gun. Both of these guns are good options for those who're looking for a high quality paintball marker for any reasonable price. Still, there are rewards associated with both guns. Therefore, before making any purchase, in the event you learn more concerning what each of these paintball guns has to offer. Ego 11 paintball guns, which are manufactured by Planet Eclipse, have many pros to offer. For example, Planet Eclipse has taken steps to control final results of the bolt in the marker so it can better handle brittle tournament paint. Additionally improves the feel of the gun while also reducing the sound signature. Unfortunately, creating a more gentle acceleration and deceleration system also has its drawbacks. Namely, the tradeoff for a smoother feel is a slower cyclic stride. This, in turn, slows down unsecured credit card debt of fire. Tackle this issue, the paintball gun features twin flow control devices that let you to tune the speed, rate and feel of the marker. The Ego 11 also features the Push On Purge System, or POPS system, which allows the marker to gas up and de-gas in mouse click away . fraction of a second and with tiny effort. Some additional features of the Ego 11 include: * New, ergonomic frame design along with a higher grip position * ROF indicators * Refill counters * Audible beeper * Timers * Ability to connect into a PC (with the technique optional E-Portal2 kit) Clearly, which experts claim users may change the Ego 11 paintball gun match their individual needs is better benefit this marker presents. This also helps make it a n option for those who know what they are looking for in a gun. For those who do not want this same level of adjustability, the entire world Eclipse Geo 2.1 paintball gun is a good option. This marker comes having a spring-load drive core, which prevents air loss on the firing stroke and previously wasted air in the valve chamber. It also provides improved efficiency and faster recharge among the valve chamber by ensuring the chamber is fully sealed ahead of refilling upon bolt return stroke. The Geo 2.1 provides an SL3 in-line regulator which one is the most accurate, consistent and provides faster recharge than in prior versions. It will also allow the Geo 1 . 5.1 to function with LP, MP or HP tanks equally with no variance in performance or velocity.In short, the Ego 11 and Planet Eclipse Geo step two.1 paintball guns are both good options this sort of looking in a quality paintball marker. Prior to making a purchase, however, it is usually smart to try to to a bit of shopping around in order to seek the marker because of this right for you personally personally.
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