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The way to Remove a DVD ROM From Toshiba A300

by:Goshen     2020-06-25
How to Remove a DVD ROM From Toshiba A300 DVD-Rom drives are fragile components within laptop. Consequently, the drive is often one of the parts that will end up being replaced during the lifetime of your laptop. If you hold a Toshiba A300 laptop and your DVD-Rom needs become replaced or upgraded, you could go on to a laptop repair specialist; however, you can replace the DVD-Rom inside your A300 using only a few tools. Even the non-tech savvy are able to complete this mission. DVD drive Instructions 1 Turn the laptop over and locate the battery behind the laptop length. Slide the locking switch to the unlocked position and pull the battery right out of the laptop. Disconnect the power cable and any other peripherals connected with an A300. 2 Lay the laptop face down on the desk and attach an electrostatic discharge (ESD) strap on your own wrist. Attach the opposite end to something metal. Avoid practicing carpet to lessen risk of static electricity damaging your. For the same reason, wear the ESD strap often when working that are on your A300. 3 Locate the memory cover and get rid of the single screw holding it in apartment. The memory cover is located on the underside of your A300, right in the middle of the laptop structure. To remove the DVD-Rom on the A300 you must first remove the memory cover and components. 4 Remove the memory modules. Use two fingers to spread the latches round the sides of the modules. This will result in the module to pop up. Grab the module on the edges and slide it out. Repeat the process for the second module. dreambox dm800 5 Remove the DVD-Rom screw. Just sideways of the hole for the memory cover screw is an additional screw attaching the DVD-Rom to laptop base. Remove it with a Phillips-head screwdriver. 6 Use your screwdriver to push the DVD-Rom out within the laptop. Place the screwdriver on the the backside on the DVD-Rom, right through memory slots. Gently push the DVD-Rom out and from the laptop base. Once it is slightly out, grab it and slide it straight out.
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