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Tips on how to Replace Fragile Parts of Sand Maker

by:Goshen     2020-06-25
The sand maker is used in crushing soft or medium hard and very hard materials, shape and traditional in a variety of ores, cement, refractories, alumina bauxite, carborundum, glass raw materials, stone of mechanisms construction and the gold slag. When you replace the fragile parts, ensure that gadget is in shutdown state which means is not the job of the state to open the back of the shelves, immediately after which it bolt Remove the shelves and the actual box junction, following which use the wrench to unscrew the clamshell device hex head part of the shelves will slowly open. The rack above the hanging device of rear rack.Repeat the above process, the closed shelves. Sand the board hammer: counter broken boards hammer wear to an important extent should be timely adjustment or change in order to avoid lots of damage of fasteners any other components. Sand liner: Open shelters, demolition of a fixed fight back liner ashamed pin, slotted nut, bolt, may get counterattack liner change after the wear and tear, like installing a new liner. The Brief introduction of Sand Making Machine: Novel and distinctive design. Simple and reasonable structure. Smooth operation and low operating cost. Two states of 'stone hitting stone' and 'stone hitting iron' can be changed freely. The sand making machine equipment can be applied to manufacturing sand as crushing stones. The 'stone hitting stone' technology not only reduces parts friction but also lessens manufacturing cost. Low energy consuming, high yield, large breaking proportion and energy save. The appliances are capable of shaping out products. Products take a cubic shape and enjoy high bulk denseness. During the manufacturing, stone materials can take shape a protective bottom to avoid wearing the equipment, so the equipment is durable in use. Few abrasive parts are constructed wearing resistant material of special hardness, which is small in volume, short of weight and for you to be changed. Automatic air circulatory system can purify concentrative screening powder. Water content of the insulation material exerts little influence, and maximum contenting water can be 8%. Lubrication oil station is adopted to lubricate the major bearing in circulation to ensure a constant oil supply. May perhaps realize automatic control and accident alert. The upper is uplifted by hydraulic system, and operation is simple. Sand maker :
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