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Tool For Adjustably Aligning Pipe Flanges And

by:Goshen     2020-06-03
Tool for selectively angularly aligning an apertured flange so how the flange can be fixed a new pipe from a selected angularity relative to bends inside of the pipe. Improved device for attaching degree to the flange are shown, along with the level can further be provided with means enabling it readily pertaining to being used as well as set the grade of a pipe or associated with structural customer. In the fitting up and laying of large-diameter pipe, where apertured pipe flanges are welded to respective lengths of pipe, and then adjacent pipe flanges are bolted together, the correct angular alignment of the pipe flanges is essential or theycannot be accompanied by bolts. This represents no particular problem when two straight unbent lengths of pipe are to be joined, because the entire length 1 pipe can be rotated the actual apertures on pipe flanges line up, and then your flange at theother end can be welded on, and methods to reduce repeated. Can not so simple, however, when really want the pipes has some pot in it that forms an angle, or when both of them do. It is quite inconvenient to weld a pipe flange onto a pipe while using pipe already installed in the ultimate installed position. In order to better practice to lay the jointed pipe flat on the floor, and do the in a store. Or, generally if the job is donein the field, it's not better practice to carry out the task at ground detail. However, there can be a more complicated angular relationship, when the pipe is bent than when everyone straight, because when the jointed pipe is erected, the pipe flange will haverotated. Accordingly, when a pipe flange is connected a time period of bent pipe, allowance end up being made for the change in spatial alignment which will result when the pipe is erected in its ultimate job. An object of this invention is actually by provide something for angularly aligning a pipe flange relative a few pipe and easy to use, and accurate in its results. The task of aligning pipe flanges is not just a new one, and tools have been designed to achieve this element. An example may be the 'Dial-Angle-Flange-Level' shown in its publication Form S-300. Gadget has a bar that's attachable in order to pipe flange at two apertures thereon, and an angularly adjustable protractor dial bubble ranges. Two cylindrical pins are hanging on the bar and projecttherefrom. Their spacing apart is adjustable. In use, the pins are inserted into holes in the flanges. The precision of the alignment depends in part on how closely these pins fit in the flange holes, or if they loosing in the flange holes, howsimilar is position globe holes. The particular same publication there is shown a 'Pro-Mag Level' which has magnets to store a body in axial alignment with a pipe, as well as an angularly adjustable bubble spot. The tool according to this invention comprises a body, a protractor dial bubble level adjustably rotatably installed on said body, and some of attachment means aligned with another along a datum line related into the bubble level. Eachattachment means the pair of self-centering members, one that is movable toward the other, when you want to clamp the body to the flange. The self-centering members are proportioned to enter in the apertures when you want to center themselves and thereby alignthe body an issue apertures. A movable definitely one of the members is threadedly attached into a bolt which is coaxial with both on the members. According a few preferred but optional feature of the invention, edges of your body are parallel to a datum line drawn from the centers of this self-centering members so those edges are related to the bubble level when unit is would often setthe grade of a pipe or structural person. The bubble level is mounted to your body via a protractor dial, the bubble level being fixed to the dial, along with the dial being rotatable, and provided with means to restrain it ina selected angular situate. At least one of the attachment means is placed on the body in a slot aligned with the datum line so your system can be attached at apertures possess various spacingsapart, one with the self centering members being threaded to the bolt to retain the attachment means at a selected position. The body can be provided with magnet means to cart it in axial alignment on a pipe or structural member or the like, to enable the grade to be set, and thereby raise the number ofuseful functions the tool can have fun. It will further be noted that this tool is applicable to several range of aperture separations simply by loosening one or both belonging to the attachment means relative towards the body, and sliding the bolts down the slots on the correct position and thentightening them. The number one self-centering members make a good clamping fit to establish the separation of the attachment members, and the additional self-centering members are tightened down to store the tool to the flange. The device thereby constitutes areadily manufacturable, convenient to use, device which facilitates its intended functions.
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