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Ways to Elevate Your Kitchen Countertop

by:Goshen     2020-06-27
An elevated countertop brings a countertop to a new level of majestic attract. Today, I'm focusing on how to install an elevated design of which may be considered fine hardware and will definitely enhance the paramount of pools. Federal Brace cannot make any advice on specific applications, because every application is different. But they can give some general information on particular styles of countertops, which i will do in this web site. The first thing to do before ordering the brackets is to view how many you require. Federal Brace recommends that you utilize a bracket at least every 18 to 24 inches on an elevated counter application. You will need to make positive the bracket you select works as part of your sub-counter preparation. Now that you have your support in hand you will want to set to mounting the bracket making use of the mounting plate at the foot of the support. You can set the height of your elevated counter by moving the mounting position down from the base of the sub- countertop. The support's gusset will extend out along with the sub-counter. You want to mark how to place your starter holes with a pencil. Be sure that locations for fastening the bracket on the substructure allow for enough material for the screws to 'bite into.' Take an electric drill and put an eighth inch drill bit help to make it the pilot holes to suit your fasteners. PLEASE NOTE: Just be sure to don't drill all the way through load the screws will fasten into. You're going to change up your drill to put within your quarter inch lag screws (or bolts), that will connect along with the fascia material and into the stud or substructure. Given that the first lag bolt is connecting the brace to materials and the stud you need to make sure it's level before you add additional bolts. Once all the lag bolts are in your soul can make use of a ratchet to make sure they are snug. Don't over tighten them an individual may strip out the wood. You want to make sure you work extension when using the ratchet so you will not scratch the finished top of the bracket. With your brackets attached ready to contain your elevated counter, you can place your counter on the support plates of the brackets. Appropriate the slab width doesn't extend over 4' on either side of the plates and that the stone slab is evenly distributed during the full entire counter. You will need to use an adhesive or chalking to repair the counter to the brackets. With a heightened counter you have real showpiece in kitchen area area that can be used for serving. The spacious appeal and beauty among the elevated granite slab will enhance seen your kitchen or even office reception desk.
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