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What is stainless steel carriage bolt

What is stainless steel carriage bolt


Goshen hardware has been a good reputation since its launch and has been popular both at home and abroad. Let's analyze the stainless steel carriage bolt definition, carriage bolt dimensions, stainless steel carriage bolt grades, stainless steel carriage bolt specifications, difference between lag bolt and carriage bolt, how do you measure a carriage bolt and carriage bolt size chart these aspects in detail.


A carriage bolt, coach bolt or round head square neck bolt is a form of bolt used to fasten metal to wood, unified thread pitch, made from austenitic alloy stainless steel. Goshen hardware manufactures carriage bolts from 13.55mm head diameter through 46.8mm diameter in most DIN, ISO, and GB specifications. Special tooling can be created to produce nonstandard head dimensions, carriage bolts larger than 1″ in diameter, or bolt heads with your company’s name and/or logo.


Threads are standard right-hand and Unified inch coarse series (UNC, Unified National Coarse). Lengths of 6" and shorter are usually fully threaded; lengths longer than 6" are partially threaded.


Typically, carriage bolt sizes range from #10 to 3/4" in diameter while lengths span from about 1/2" to 20"—only larger sizes are available in long lengths. Measure its length from under the head to the threaded end of the bolt.


Grades 304 and 316 steel stainless steel, are the most prevalent types of carriage bolts. When installing in wood, use a large diameter washer under the nut to distribute clamping force over a larger area and minimize compression of the wood. Hot dip galvanized and stainless steel are usually recommended if the bolts (less than 1/2" in diameter) will be used with pressure preservative treated wood such as "ACQ" (Alkaline Copper Quaternary)—check local building codes and contact your lumber supplier for recommendations.


When talking about the difference between a carriage bolt and a lag bolt you must first start with the basic construction of each. The carriage bolt is more of a bolt than its lag counterpart. The carriage bolt is a straight cylinder with a flat edge. The top has a small square neck that resists turning when it is fastened into place. This means that you have to countersink the bolt for it to perform as it is supposed to. The lag bolt, on the other hand, has a point at the end and wide threads for use in wood construction.


There are our specific products have Metric Round Head Square Neck Polished Stainless Steel Carriage Bolts DIN603, Inch Coarse Thread Tamper Proof Ribbed Neck Stainless Steel Carriage Bolt, Stainless Steel SS316 A4-70 Din603 Carriage Bolt and so on.


There lists carriage bolt size chart and head diameter and height, and square neck width and depth.

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