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What is stainless steel shoulder bolt

What is stainless steel shoulder bolt


If a factory wants to manufacture something, such as cars or planes, they will need bolts; if someone wants to repair his/her door, he will need bolts. Obviously, bolts are widely used in daily life and industrial production, one of many types of bolts, shoulder bolts are also essential. They are available in various specifications.


Shoulder bolts: bolts with an unthreaded shoulder that is large in diameter than the threads, also known as stripper bolts. Stainless steel shoulder bolts have a cylindrical head, a smooth cylindrical shoulder and a short threaded section. Thread size, which is always smaller in diameter than the shoulder. A small area between the threads and shoulder is undercut, which allows for a tight fit against the mating surface. Typically, shoulder bolt sizes range from 1/4" to 3/4" in diameter, the size is the shoulder diameter, and lengths, which is the length of the shoulder——measure length from under the head to the end of the shoulder, span from about 3/8" to 6".


They are usually used to assemble two or more unthreaded components. When the shoulder bolts are used with a nut together, the bolts will make the components become more fastened. Stripper bolts are also used as spacers. Their applications number many: as pivots and stud bolts, as shafts for cam rollers and other rotating parts and as bearing pins for swing arms, links and levers.  


The shoulder bolts are manufactured with high grade material, such as stainless steel 304 and stainless steel 316, and the latest technology. What’s more, as versatile steel, SS304 has high corrosion resistance, heat resisting property and low temperature resistance. Compared to the shoulder bolts made of stainless steel 304, the bolts made of SS316 material has stronger high temperature strength properties. The feature of the shoulder may also behave like an alignment feature in some applications when they are used.


Stainless steel shoulder bolts leave room for different parts of wood, machines, metals and other applications to slide over, rotate, and assemble to. Sometimes, they can even be used as a stopping mechanism. Stripper bolts are and can be often used a pivot points. Stripper bolts also have room for the application to move, slide and even bend into a certain shape. Moreover, shoulder bolts can be used as a spot on which bearing surfaces link with other surfaces.


For example, shoulder screws are very common on the core engine which is blocked in autos. Furthermore, they are appropriate for joints that are burdened with a heavy shear load. They are very useful in the area of conjunction with springs; they are frequently used on vehicle leaf springs, or as an internal. The wheels on some sliding drawers are mounted with shoulder bolts, so stripper bolts are sometimes used as simple axles.


Just as important, the diameter of the threaded part is smaller than that of the optical axis. Such a bolt can be used for precise positioning, and it can play the role of pin. And the inner part of the force is smooth, smooth and without grain. It can improve the mechanical strength of bolts and bear greater torque.


With great martial and structural advantages, the shoulder bolts fastener we provided will meet more requirements and better service the different clients.


Our specific products have m10 metric stainless steel shoulder bolts used on the jeep, M20 stainless steel hex head shoulder bolts used on the machinery and so on.

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