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Wood Plastic Product

by:Goshen     2020-05-28
In the barrel, casting plastic spiral leaf, first screen, through the financial software to remove any harmful substances. At this point, because of pressure increase screen circuit breaker may be more than 5000 pounds (34 map) (a kind of rock through the many hockey). Screen on/off PCB assembly kit also helps create back pressure bucket. Need to unite and appropriate melt back the mixture of polymer and huge power is 'reverse packing because a different screen, screen, weaving the line number of size and other aspects.) the combination crusher and screen plate melt in plastic bags' spin 'memory' vertical conversion purpose of 'memory. Transfer to a plate into the mold after the molten plastic circuit breakers. What may be the mold to its shape and pipe extrusion machine end up being designed, the cylinder profile, and even molten plastic profile shapes product pump. In this stage, the uneven flow is unnecessary services in some point pressure section. These pressure may cause cooling deformation. Imagination can create almost any shape, as long as a long continuous part. Product must now calm, this frequently realize pulling out a bath. Plastic has good heat insulation materials, tricky quickly lowers the male body's temperature. Compared with steel, plastic, heating 2000 times slower. A tube or pipe extrusion line, a sealed water bath is in order to action, strictly control the vacuum and get away from new established, or melting tube or collapse. Products for example plastic film, thermosetting through the cooling through the traction. roll Sometimes in replacing line can can be found in the two times before the processing operation has been completed. In recording, the second extruder manufacture melt adhesives and plastic film application, it is hot. Once the recycling machine is cooling, core, or cut into degrees for later use. HDPE Water Pipe Extrusion Line is really a novel pipe extrusion line developed by FRIEND company through absorbing latest advanced technology. It is applicable for high speed extrusion of PE,PP,PB,plastic extruder,PERT,ABS etc. This extrusion line is of beautiful appearance, high automation degree, stable and reliable manufacture. It is generally welcomed by vast consumers. This PE pipe production lines are the finest option for replacing imported extrusion line. High speed,single screw extruder, high efficiency plastic extruder is especially designed for extruding PE etc. material, equipped with decreased noise, high speed and hard gear reducer. The Special grooved feeding bush with water air conditioning results in increasing compression and filling factors. Specialised screw designs for high output, low melting temperature, good plasticization effection,single screw extruder;single screw extruder, lower energy consumption. We produce the highest quality of the wood plastic composite and provide the best service, our ultimate goal is to result in customer satisfied, let our wood and plastic products to get your approval and favorable comment. Welcome you to choose our company's wood plastic products.Please choose our laminate floor,Outdoor Deck,Wood Plastic Composite decking and other wood plastic composite method.
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